Scheduling for University Learning Centers

TimeSlot makes scheduling intuitive, easy, and manageable. No more spreadsheets, paper records, or double bookings.

Pricing and plans

Meet TimeSlot

TimeSlot was developed by students, for students through Burgundy Labs. The goal of TimeSlot is to provide the easiest scheduling system for learning centers on all campuses, to connect students with tutors, and learning center administrators with rich features and data sets to run their center effectively.


TimeSlot is built with constant user feedback, testing, and iterative updates. We continually implement our clients' suggestions. User experience and thoughtful design drive our processes.

Automation & Intuition

One of our goals is for users to spend less time in TimeSlot. A good scheduling system shouldn't require a hands-on approach. TimeSlot handles the full scheduling process from creation, reminders, cancellation, and management. Students receive reminders to show up, and coaches can jump right into helping them. Our reports page provides administration with pre-made reports, and the ability to export their data for custom-tailored analaysis.

Room to Grow

TimeSlot is constantly being reworked, improved, and reimagined. We work closely with our users to identify areas of focus, and implement new features to improve their experience.

Universities using TimeSlot


Check back soon as we gather customer testimony.


Per Center
  • Full, fast support guaranteed per our SLA.
  • Guaranteed access to all updates, bug fixes, and feature-rollouts.
  • Hosted & managed on our infrastructure, worry-free!
  • Ability to suggest future feature implementation.
  • Contact us to get started!
  • What features does TimeSlot offer?
    • Coach availability schedules
    • Administrator managed services & appointment types
    • Email reminders morning-of appointment
    • Control over weekly / one-time scheduling options
    • Select appointment slot by "any" coach
    • Reports & data export page for administrators
    • Ability to create groups & manage group-based appointments
    • A "Daily-Viewer" to see your center's status on a day-to-day basis
    • + more
  • Why should I use TimeSlot?

    TimeSlot takes the hassle out of scheduling. Focus on improving your learning center and not fighting with dated scheduling methods, over-bookings, double-bookings, or more. We continually implement useful features and work closely with every center to meet their needs.

  • What does the monthly cost go to?

    The majority of the cost for TimeSlot goes toward our server maintence costs to provide you a low-downtime, fast-response server. The remainder goes to internal development costs to bring you new features and bug fixes.

  • Do you support XYZ?

    If theres a feature you don't see listed above, please reach out to inquire!, if it's not something we offer, maybe we can get it added for you!