A software development company focused on building user-centric applications & services.


Meet the team


Charlie Kolacki is a co-founder of Burgundy Labs, he has studied Finance and Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Broad College of Business. He has experience in marketing to colleges and universites, as well as working with start-ups and small businesses.


Trevor Murphy is a co-founder of Burgundy Labs and a SW Engineer at Hastings Mutual. His goals are centered around a desire to help teach the computer science field, and he has worked on many ways to increase the standard of living with the assistance of computers.


Caden Sumner is a co-founder of Burgundy Labs and a SW Engineer at Visa. His focus is on the development of scalable, maintainable, and accesible software with a focus on user interfaces and experience.

Our Current Projects

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TimeSlot connects students with learning center tutors in an easy to use scheduling web app. Tutors are able to set their available times, students are able to schedule appointments, and administrators can view report data. TimeSlot connects these three user groups at all angles by using tailored user experiences, modern design practices, and human factors psychology.

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